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From a young age I knew I wanted to be an artist. A bit of a trouble maker as a kid, I was often grounded and spent hours drawing in my room. In high school I dedicated myself to graphic design and then went to college for advertising art direction. I quickly learned that school wasn’t for me and left to pursue my dream of being a tattooer. I first learned how to tattoo in rural Illinois and Iowa.  There, a community rooted in the outdoors encouraged my love of wildlife art that has lasted throughout my career.

I am trained in multiple styles of tattooing.  I have developed a strong love of black and grey realism and have focused my attention on it for several years. In my art I try to emphasize strong contrast, painterly strokes, and heavy textures.  Projects incorporate influences from fine art, photography, comic books, and film.  I pride myself on craftsmanship and create unique tattoos designed to last a lifetime.

Today I try to approach every project with the same enthusiasm I had drawing as a kid. I love to work with clients to create more than just a tattoo but a work of art we can both be proud of. Tattooing is my passion and it is an honor to get to do it everyday.

When I am not tattooing I am a devoted husband to my partner of almost 10 years, father of a beautiful little girl, lover of cats, video game and tech enthusiast, shoe collector, and a dedicated mental health and addiction recovery podcaster.

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